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Welcome to Universal Commercial Capital

Universal Commercial Capital is a U.S. based, private money lender. A trusted resource in real estate mortgage lending,
Universal Commercial Capital is known for its flexible, common sense underwriting and efficient, hassle-free loan programs.

Who Are We

We are US based private money lender.

Our Mission

To access loans hassle free and easiest way to everybody.

What We Do

We provide end to end solution to close loans quickly and efficiently.

Our history

Universal Commercial Capital is a U.S. based, private money lender. A trusted resource in real estate mortgage lending, Universal Commercial Capital is known for its flexible, common sense underwriting and efficient, hassle-free loan programs. What sets Universal Commercial Capital apart is its approach to investment opportunities and a steadfast commitment to helping its clients reach their full financing potential. Universal Commercial Capital’s leadership team has decades of experience and prides itself on a 360 degree understanding of its exceptionally diverse client base and their unique financing needs. Experience and a wealth of knowledge has lead to the development of Universal Commercial Capital’s widely-recognised, streamlined loan process, which aids customers in saving time and money. Universal Commercial Capital prides itself on its position as the most reputable lender in the U.S. offering smart and accessible loan solutions to foreign nationals. The team at Universal Commercial Capital is dedicated to continuing education and staying ahead of industry curves and ever-changing investment and finance developments. Universal Commercial Capital belongs proudly to the American Association of Private Lenders and the National Association of Mortgage Brokers.

When looking to finance your real estate investments in the United States, come to Universal Commercial Capital first. We’ll pick up where the banks left off.



Why choose us?

We understand that you as a foreigner are not aware of the last minute law and regulations changes for the state you are interested in buying or investing in real estate property in U.S. and thus we will cover you with detailed laws/rules so that it can be easy for you to decide whether to go for that state or the other.

Our aim is to not only provide you loan at friendly and flexible terms for your home or commercial real estate purchase here in America, but we also aim to make sure that your purchase would meet your goals and budget.

Our services do not end with just providing you loan, but also to help you understand the various that may benefit you for e.g. in case you are not moving to USA immediately, we can arrange to make your property have a rental service and thus help you earn rental income via tenants and in case you would want to sale the property without moving abroad, we would first calculate and research on potential profits you would gain from selling the said property in future.

We also have real estate lawyer ready to serve you so your procedure to own a home here in the United States of America remains fast and smooth overall and we shall cover you in case of any issues in future regarding the same property when it comes to rules and regulations of the state/city.

While real estate market is constantly moving and unpredictable in general, our experienced agents will make sure that you do not have any regrets towards your purchase later, be it the nearby neighbourhood, future sale price potential or any additional concern that you may have moving to USA will be researched for and we shall provide you expert and free consultancy regarding your property.

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