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Amazing investment opportunities. Great return and safe investing.

Smart Investing
Make a great return on investment, safe and secure investing.
Monthly interest payments available. Full security when you invest your cash. 
Earn Money
Earn High rate of return on your money. Pick and chose in which deal and property you want to invest. Fixed interest rate of return
Investing starts as 250K
We find perfect projects for you
Imagine being able to make money from the comfort of your home, while being sure that it’s the safe investment. That’s exactly what we offer, investment from the comfort of your home. You can invest in real estate projects sourced from qualified operators around the country. All the information will be available to you, meaning that you’ll have all the necessary information about the property that you want to invest in.
Carefully selected Investment Opportunities
Strict underwriting criteria to minimize the risk We go through rigorous investment selection process A small percent of the projects are selected, which makes your investment safe and sound. Our underwriters have hard qualification criteria. Each project is managed by experienced staff with at least 30 projects on their resume.
Earn 10-14% Returns
Great returns on short and long term loans Investing in short-term real estate loans can offer great returns. It’s truly a win win situation for both sides, as it’s safer than stocks and bonds. Double digit returns on your investment makes it one of the top investment opportunities.
Downside Protection
Your investment corresponds to an underlying first-position mortgage. In the event the project doesn’t go as planned, your downside will be protected by the value of the real property. Your investment is further insulated by the borrower’s  30% equity.
Improved Returns
You can start a smaller risk investment of 250K with us and be sure that of high yield returns. With us you’ll have the power to build your own portfolio of high-yield residential real estate loans. 

Word from the CEO

I am happy to announce a great low risk investment to anyone interested in low risk, high yield safe and sound insvesting. 
A while ago Universal Commercial Capital was  founded with the business idea: “To be the leading contender in hard money and small business loans”. Since we started we have built up collected expertise within hard money lending , small business loans and 1st and 2nd trust deed. We are currently expanding, and together with our clients we are growing organically and acquiring new shares of the market. We offer personal and professional services. It is important that you should always be able to reach us when you need to, wherever you are.
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Only offer to accredited investors:
a) earned income that exceeded 200,000$ in each of the prior 2 years.
b) has a net worth over 1 million excluding the value of the person’s primary residence.
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