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Real estate as an investment or as residential or commercial property is always seen as a profitable business. According to a research done recently by various market researchers, China, India and Mexico are one of the top U.S. real estate property investors. American real estate market is currently blooming and the bubble is not expected [...]

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U.S. real estate market projection for 2019

REAL ESTATE MARKET PROJECTION FOR THE YEAR 2019 IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA According to a research as of 2018, about 60% of all homes in the top American metropolitan states, sold below their original price list. This leads to a prediction for the home equity market that around 71% of current commercial as [...]

Renting vs buying a home in U.S.

RENTING VS BUYING A HOUSE IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Considering the costs of owning a residential property, especially factoring the upfront cost as opposed to renting a home, many young people prefer renting to support their independent lifestyle. Once they start building up their careers, save money and start a family, they move [...]

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Differences between residential and commercial loan origination

Differences between residential and commercial loan origination: 1) Location: unlike residential loans where the loan in Newport Beach and the loan in the middle of nowhere are treated the same , lenders for commercial loan have different appetite for different locations and they price the loan accordingly. The majority of them will not lend [...]

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Has the commercial property loan market gotten any better?

Until a few years ago, the property loan markets were so bad that borrowers had a difficult time getting a loan. This had an unfortunate impact on the real estate industry as a whole. Once people stopped getting loans, property remained unsold, and this caused worse market impact. Also, the lenders who did agree to [...]

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Hard money loans versus bank mortgages

When you want to invest in property or raw land, you will usually approach a bank or credit lending institution for funding. However, many investors might find a third option, the private investor to be more viable. This is because there are several differences between traditional loans and hard money loans, offered by private investors. [...]

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Commercial property loans for poor credit score

Borrowers with poor credit scores, and scarce financial resources might find it difficult to even get a credit card, let alone a property loan. However, investing in property is one of the more reliable ways to build wealth, plan for retirement, or improve your credit score. The problem is, with banks shying away from those [...]

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Busting myths about hard money loans

There are plenty of myths about hard money loans and this could be stopping you from getting benefits out of your loan. Maybe you are afraid to consider a hard money loan for your investment needs. It is time to take a closer look at these myths and learn the facts about these loans. Hard [...]

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Why hard money lending is a good option for investors right now?

Investors have many ways to invest in real estate right now. In addition to traditional flipping of properties, you can consider lending money to other real estate investors. There are certain conditions that you need to follow, to keep your business legal. Other than that, there is no reason you should not look at investment [...]

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