Buying U.S.A. Real Estate

July 17th, 2019

Buying U.S.A. Real Estate is created with intentions to help first time investors as well global investors investing in real estate properties. The book is co-written by Mr.Robert Miller and Mr.Eric Tran with intentions to help not just the first time American investors and aims to provide successful business as well as financial strategies based on both of the writer’s years of experience with the real estate industry. They are sharing their knowledge and experience as well as secrets of real estate investment. This is the quintessential real estate investing guide which shall help anyone with their real estate investment right from finding the deal to financing and closing the same.

About the Book

Discover the secrets of finding, financing as well as closing real estate deals to generate great wealth and passive income. The book will be published on the month of September at Amazon.

Table of contents

Chapter 1 – Why Invest in U.S.A. Real Estate
Chapter 2 – Who is investing in U.S.A. Real Estate
Chapter 3 – What to Invest in U.S.A. Real Estate
Chapter 4 – Where to Invest in U.S.A. Real Estate
Chapter 5 – When to Invest in U.S.A. Real Estate
Chapter 6 – How to Invest in U.S.A. Real Estate

What to expect

Courtney from velocity

Wow Eric that is so amazing! Let me know when I can pre-order the book! You truly are a master deal maker with real estate –

About the authors

Eric Tran

Eric came over to the United States from Viet Nam with his family in 1976 . He was 15 years old back then. His father started a small real estate development company in 1983 building small apartment complexes. Very early on, Eric realized that his father alway had trouble securing the financing for his project due to his lack of knowledge in presenting the project(s) to the local bankers in a well structured and coherent way. On top of that, the father’s English was not very fluent either. That was when Eric decided to join the company on the financing side just to help his father out. 30 odd years later, with so much experiences and closed deals under his belt, Eric still practices the business as what has driven him into the real estate lending business in the first place “To help and to serve the clients that banks turned away”. Eric graduated from the University Of California, San Diego with a BA degree in Political Science. He is also a California licensed real estate broker and a national MLO.

Robert Miller

Robert has been advising individuals, companies, and governments on Finance, Investments, and Real Estate for over five decades on four continents.He began his career on Wall Street in 1969 and started a private investment banking firm in Beverly Hills, California Securities Corporation,in 1975.His background encompasses Investment Banking and Mortgage Banking experience at major firms including Lehman Brothers and Bank of America.Specializing in Private Lending and Private Equity, Mr. Miller believes there is an optimal financial solution for every deal and challenges the status quo by thinking creatively, reaching for the stars, and coloring outside the lines to quickly close deals while providing world-class experiences.As a Real Estate Advisor and Investor, Robert has the ability to identify promising domestic and global real estate opportunities based on the best possible returns while understanding and both short-term and long-term risks.The flow of global investment capital, mergers and acquisitions activity, macro and micro-economics, and residential and commercial real estate trends are all factors that Robert shares in his new book,co-authored with Eric Tran, Buying U.S.A. Real Estate: Official Guide for Foreign Investors(October 2019).A Vietnamese edition will also be available.The Magic of Selling Real Estate(October 2019), co-authored with Tom Truong, presents the changes in the way that real estate is being sold globally and the effect on the market.And, it offers real estate professionals strategies for success.Mr. Miller currently has published two books: Rainmaking and The Magic of Selling. He has hosted a television show, Financial Strategies, and has spoken at hundreds of business and real estate events.