Foreign real estate can be a very profitable long term venture and can generate passive income if done right with research and using good mortgage lender/real estate agent. A property that is bought at a low selling price and sold later at a higher price can be very profitable as opposed to buying a new [...]


The housing market in the United States allows foreign property investors to buy, sell and rent properties across all 50 states. The United States has the world’s strongest and most stable economy. And with regards to real estate investing, this results in an increasing demand for housing and commercial space which provides property investors with [...]

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Buying a property overseas has become a profitable venture. People from 3rd world countries like India can afford a better house in America compared to their own country. Add the fact that buying and selling as well as renting properties in US is also seemed as highly profitable investment. But after you buy a property [...]

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Generally hard money lenders issue short-term real estate loans which are used to purchase and renovate investment properties. Hard money loans are good for both short term fix & flip investors (buying, fixing and selling a house) as well as long term buy and hold property investors. Foreign real estate property investors search for private [...]

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Real estate investing draws in people from all everywhere around the globe, of all ages and of all temperaments. Whether you’re someone that likes finding a hidden gem of a property and negotiating a sale, or someone who likes demo and design, there is a form of real estate investment that will suit you perfectly [...]

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The more thorough and sorted out you are from the earliest starting point of the tax season, the less upsetting it would be. With everything prepared to hand-off to your bookkeeper, the main thing you have to consider is the thing that you will do with the additional time you have earned by being on [...]

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Things to consider for foreigners investing in rental property in the U.S.

There are plenty of opportunities for foreigners investing in the U.S. real estate market and real estate professionals, sellers and brokers are working with them for that purpose. A foreigner acquiring real estate property for part time residence or as a rental investment, the tax law could be confusing especially the variations that occur state [...]

Buying a home in U.S. can be cheaper compared to buying one in your own country

The prices of apartments and bungalows in countries like India has risen up so much that it is now cheaper for an Indian to own a home in America instead and still have money. A place like Mumbai or other metro cities like Delhi has becoming too expensive even for upper middle class people and [...]

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Has the commercial property loan market gotten any better?

Until a few years ago, the property loan markets were so bad that borrowers had a difficult time getting a loan. This had an unfortunate impact on the real estate industry as a whole. Once people stopped getting loans, property remained unsold, and this caused worse market impact. Also, the lenders who did agree to [...]

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Hard money loans versus bank mortgages

When you want to invest in property or raw land, you will usually approach a bank or credit lending institution for funding. However, many investors might find a third option, the private investor to be more viable. This is because there are several differences between traditional loans and hard money loans, offered by private investors. [...]

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