Buying a property overseas has become a profitable venture. People from 3rd world countries like India can afford a better house in America compared to their own country. Add the fact that buying and selling as well as renting properties in US is also seemed as highly profitable investment. But after you buy a property [...]

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Things to consider for foreigners investing in rental property in the U.S.

There are plenty of opportunities for foreigners investing in the U.S. real estate market and real estate professionals, sellers and brokers are working with them for that purpose. A foreigner acquiring real estate property for part time residence or as a rental investment, the tax law could be confusing especially the variations that occur state [...]

Moving to the U.S.A. | Immigrants Guide to Buying a House in U.S.

Homeownership is one of the core concepts of the American dream. Even for the native-born, the process of buying a house in the US can be pretty complicated. Therefore, it is easy to assume how intimidating it can be for foreign first-time buyers. But knowing what to expect can reduce some of that anxiety and [...]

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Why U.S. Real Estate Remains a Foreign Investor Favorite

Despite the higher volatility that has embroiled financial markets in the U.S. in the past few months following a calm 2017, foreign investors continue to pour money into the country’s real estate sector. The real estate market has shown impressive resilience to changes in the broader economy and has long since established itself as a [...]

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International buyers are interested in different parts of the U.S. for various reasons including business interests as well as family reasons. Real estate investment is considered a part of global marketplace and whether if you are some international investor or an immigrant who is living in the United States or someone considering moving to the [...]

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  Foreign buyer listings are international estate investors providing loan to foreign buyers interested in real estate properties in U.S. via our boutique lending firm, universal commercial capital LOOKING AT REAL ESTATE PROPERTY AS AN INVESTMENT FOR LONG OR SHORT TERM Whether you are buying a real estate property for yourself or as an investment, any [...]

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Real estate as an investment or as residential or commercial property is always seen as a profitable business. According to a research done recently by various market researchers, China, India and Mexico are one of the top U.S. real estate property investors. American real estate market is currently blooming and the bubble is not expected [...]

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Renting vs buying a home in U.S.

RENTING VS BUYING A HOUSE IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Considering the costs of owning a residential property, especially factoring the upfront cost as opposed to renting a home, many young people prefer renting to support their independent lifestyle. Once they start building up their careers, save money and start a family, they move [...]

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