The housing market in the United States allows foreign property investors to buy, sell and rent properties across all 50 states. The United States has the world’s strongest and most stable economy. And with regards to real estate investing, this results in an increasing demand for housing and commercial space which provides property investors with [...]

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Buying a home in U.S. can be cheaper compared to buying one in your own country

The prices of apartments and bungalows in countries like India has risen up so much that it is now cheaper for an Indian to own a home in America instead and still have money. A place like Mumbai or other metro cities like Delhi has becoming too expensive even for upper middle class people and [...]

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Oregon According to recent studies, the median home prices in Oregon rose to around $340,000 in December 2018 which was an increase of about 5% from the earlier year. Forecasters are predicting smaller gains during 2019 which can be applied to the entire nation in general as well. While inventory remains learn, there is a [...]

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Moving to the U.S.A. | Immigrants Guide to Buying a House in U.S.

Homeownership is one of the core concepts of the American dream. Even for the native-born, the process of buying a house in the US can be pretty complicated. Therefore, it is easy to assume how intimidating it can be for foreign first-time buyers. But knowing what to expect can reduce some of that anxiety and [...]

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Renting vs buying a home in U.S.

RENTING VS BUYING A HOUSE IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Considering the costs of owning a residential property, especially factoring the upfront cost as opposed to renting a home, many young people prefer renting to support their independent lifestyle. Once they start building up their careers, save money and start a family, they move [...]

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