Commercial lending

March 28th, 2019

Commercial lenders grant commercial lending generally for financing your next single family or multifamily residential real estate investment, even if you are a foreigner investing or looking to move to U.S. As a private commercial money lender, we work with you to as per your financial needs and meet specific budget ratio. Our underwriting expertise is based primarily on the property being purchased, so you avoid the extensive paperwork and personal financial information usually required by banks and mortgage companies.

Real estate mortgages

We at universal commercial capital offer commercial and residential real estate financing for industrial, retail, commercial, small business, apartments, multifamily or single family lending needs and other types of real estate properties. We offer flexible funding options to foreigners looking to invest or move abroad here in U.S. Obtaining financing in United States of America in general is more difficulty during the period of real estate property boom, we offer finance without consideration of credit score and our commercial lending is fast, flexible and hassle free in general.

The commercial lending industry

Presently the commercial lending is at an all time high due to low interest rates, improving economic conditions and lower default rates. Banks are reducing their risk tolerance and increasingly focusing on manufacturing. There has been decreased commercial lending activity seen at community banks due to tightened underwriting standards and decreased demand for commercial lending, however the commercial lending industry has grown their aggregate portfolio by nearly 8% during the last 3 years. What sets us apart as a private commercial lender in U.S.? We specialize in financing foreign buyers/investors looking to invest/move abroad. We offer fast, hard money funding for non-owner occupied properties, regardless of credit score. We specialize in quick programs which as hassle free and our underwriting is based on common sense without any unwanted complexity or confusion. We help clients reach their full financing potential while saving their time and money.

Our expertise and experience

We understand that a foreign investor or buyer is not aware of the last minute law and regulations changes for the state you are interested in buying or investing in real estate property in U.S. (note that laws will differ in America state/city wise) and thus we will cover you with detailed laws/rules so that it can be easy for you to decide whether to go for that state or the other.

Over 80 projects have been completed so far and we have over 100 satisfied clients and we have reached funding total of 130 million dollars so far and we have received over 10 awards of excellence in our field of work. We are trusted by AAPL and are associated with CAR (CALIFORNIA ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS).