Current market condition and how to make your home sale easier

June 13th, 2019

Home sales are up by about 10% since the current month compared to May. But even though the rise in sales compared to the yearly average, it has been a slightly slower market. At the same time prices are expected to increase at a steady but slow rate. People are expecting realistic sale price and if you have a home in great condition and set for sale at a reasonable price, you can expect to get it sold sooner compared to pricing it higher than expected market rates.

If you are unsure about how much you want to spend renovating the home, simply add a fresh coat of paint, new indoor, outdoor lighting, a little update in kitchen and bathroom wares will also help. As per current trends, homes with dedicated office space are more attractive to buyers. So if you can add a little office furniture which would help in desk work, it can be a very handy asset and one of the key selling points for your house.

It’s best to understand local trends in your market to sell your home for the most money. Look at all of the costs associated with selling like closing costs, seller concessions, maintenance, and housing overlap costs before finalizing the price. Remember to negotiate for the best offer which is not necessarily the highest offer.