Guide to foreign buyers interested in real estate investment in U.S.

January 8th, 2019

International buyers are interested in different parts of the U.S. for various reasons including business interests as well as family reasons. Real estate investment is considered a part of global marketplace and whether if you are some international investor or an immigrant who is living in the United States or someone considering moving to the U.S. Purchasing or renting real property in an unfamiliar country can be quiet a task. First of all we recommend visiting this website for real estate laws and regulations in America

An experienced real estate agent, mortgage broker etc. can be very helpful to a foreign interested in buying a residential or commercial property in the United States of America. This is where we at foreign buyer listings come to your avoid. Determine the below things yourself first and leave the rest to us.

* How do you intend to use the property for e.g. if it is used as a vacation home abroad

* A place to stay while doing job or business in America

* Real estate is to be considered as an investment

* Long term residence

Understanding the U.S. real estate market

Transactions in real estate in the U.S. may be carried out differently compared to your own country as the various states in the United States have their own rules and regulations in regards to purchasing real estate property. This includes purchase contact that is used, method for closing the sale, duties and titles of the individuals that are involved in it and more.

Real estate information in the U.S. is being shared by agents using multiple listing services and the consumers can see that information in real estate related websites such as foreign buyer listings. While in some countries it may be typical to pay fees to the agents who would be scouting the properties for you, in America, the commission for sales is to be paid by the seller and thus the buyer does not pay anything to the agent working for them. Real estate agents in the U.S. need licenses to operate and there is a difference in the licensing law in each state of America which includes considering how much education is required, type and difficulty of licensing examinations and determining if continuing education courses are further required after an agent gets the license. License system is designed to ensure that the real estate agents are qualified to guide the consumers for finding, evaluating and financing in the real estate. A foreign buyer should take into consideration the below mentioned points while finding experienced professionals to guide them through the real estate purchasing or rental process:-

* See if you are fluent in the English language as you will likely to sign English versions of documents pertaining to standard real estate documents.

* The above is also to be considered when you choose agents, attorneys, inspectors, bankers and other people when it comes to dealing in real estate who are likely not to be speaking in your native language.

* See through various web directories for real estate properties, while are you at it, refer to our property listings as well for your ready reference.

Financial help providers for foreign real estate buyers

We are foreign buyer listings do provide financial loans to foreign buyers for real estate properties in U.S. Before you apply for mortgage, note that qualified foreign buyers would require around 40% down payment and many banks require foreign buyers to have a specific amount which can be up to $100,000 or more and you may also require minimum 3 months of bank statements. We offer finance to foreign buyers for real estate as below:-

* No social security number requirement

* No U.S. tax return requirement

* No U.S. bank account requirement

* No U.S. credit history requirement

* 35% down payment

* 7.5% interest

We understand that as a foreigner, you may have many questions such as:-

* Will you need to hire a real estate lawyer

* Whether if there is a type of property that you may not be able to purchase

* Should you purchase a property in America in your name

* Can you pay cash for the property

* Any specific states that may be advantageous for a foreign buyer

* If you need to travel to the U.S. for the closing of the process

All these questions and many more are easily answered and the process of buying or renting residential or commercial property in the U.S. is made as easy as possible by our agents.