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California Hard Money Loans

What is hard money loan?

A loan that is secured by property and usually provided by private lender. Most of the hard money loans are short term that might last for one year or less. hard money interests are usually higher and are associated with projects that last few months or years. Qualification varies between lenders and loan uses. Lenders will evaluate value of the property to find out if they want to make a loan and which amount they can give. Security is provided in the property.

Benefits of this type of loan

Although hard money has higher rates in comparison to regular lending, there are still benefits to applying for hard money loan. They are easier to apply for and are more available to borrowers when the same has problem with finding money. Documentation requirements are easier on borrowers and the closing is faster than regular loans, giving investors benefits from deals before others. Credit score is not as important, and sometimes closing can take a bit more then a week, where banks will take months to complete a regular loan.

Please fill in all necessary fields in order for us to start the process and get you a quote. You can count on us to:

– Fund your loan in 7 days

– Help you overcome any credit problem

– To be more flexible than banks

– Professional and make this process quick and easy

– Better rate than many other hard money lender

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LTV: 50% FOR 7.99%, 55% FOR 8.99%, 65% FOR 9.99% AND 70% FOR 10.99%


7.99% 3 YEARS 4PT + $1,745 1 YEARS
8.99% 3 YEARS 3PT + $1,745 1 YEARS
9.99% 3 YEARS 1PT + $1,745 1 YEARS
10.99% 3 YEARS 0.5PT + $1,745 1 YEARS

New Hard Money Loan

Fill out the form, for submitting new loan.


List of required documents:

  • 1003
  • Photo ID (Driver License and SSN)
  • Mortgage Statement
  • Insurance
  • HOA – if applicable
  • TRUST document (all pages of it) – if applicable
  • Company docs and Tax ID # – if the borrower is applying for loan under Company’s name
  • Lease Agreement – if the property is rental
  • Handwritten Letter of explanation for cash out if applicable
  • Credit Report
  • Purchase Agreement – if Purchase

After Pressing Submit Button Please Wait Until You’re Redirected to Success page