How to get loan / mortgage with no credit score requirement

April 10th, 2019

While there are no shortages of banks or private money lenders in the United States of America, getting a mortgage without credit score requirement, especially bad credit score can be a hassle at times. However there are money lenders and programs that can help anyone with even a bad credit. One can get loan / mortgage for buying a home in the US despite low or bad credit score via these:-

The standard requirements for a FEDERAL HOUSING ADMINISTRATION loan includes having at least 2 years of employment as well as 2 years of tax returns and there should also be no bankruptcy, foreclosure or the short sale in last 2 years. Although credit score varies from each lender, you should be prepared to pay around 10% as down payment go get a FHA loan.

The standard requirements for a USDA Rural Development Guaranteed Housing Loan Program includes occupying the home you purchase as your primary residence, income not exceeding household income limits and purchased house should be within an eligible area. USDA programs are generally single family homes oriented for rural areas.

If you owe more than your home’s worth and have a bad credit, the Home Affordable Refinance Program can help you. HARP is government program which helps borrowers refinance into a lower rate without needing to pay for new mortgage insurance.

In short, yes one can be a first time home buyer with a bad credit score. However the maximum loan one can take in this situation will depend on a lot of factors. Our experienced agents can help you out in this regards and we offer loans to even foreign buyer without any credit score requirements and we also support in regards to down payment assistance and meeting you requirements as per your budget. Whether you are someone looking to invest or move abroad or seeking financial assistance to open up a business in America, we got you covered, flexible hassle free fast loans are available, email us with your queries and goals and we shall get back to you within 24 hours.