International real estate investors

January 8th, 2019

Foreign buyer listings are international estate investors providing loan to foreign buyers interested in real estate properties in U.S. via our boutique lending firm, universal commercial capital

Looking at real estate property as an investment for long or short term

Whether you are buying a real estate property for yourself or as an investment, any type of real estate anywhere in the entire world is practically a solid asset which is there to stay for a very long time. It can generate reliable profits as well as can be a productive piece of property such as growing a farm in that land or garden or trees can add additional value to it. You can set up a farm producing vegetables and reap benefits for a long time from your property or sale flowers from your garden or sell fruits from the trees etc. To be short, a real estate is considered the safest and best type of property investment since ages. And presently the opportunity is great as international real estate investment can be considered a great option for a good retirement investment in advance.

Currency advantage and real estate situation

U.S. dollar is very important in these times and while the property markets in the U.S. are in decline, there is a good opportunity to invest in real estate are advantages can vary a lot and are global. There is consistent flow of cash via rental income of properties for rent. Investors of various types from various countries are targeting residential as well as commercial properties in the U.S. Foreign real estate allows some form of privacy from the IRS to the owners, especially when real estate is held on your name personally which is not a foreign LLC or Corporation respectively. Also purchasing as well as managing a real estate property overseas allows tax deduction.

Why choose us

For a foreign buyer, especially someone who is new to buying and investing in international real estate, you would have some questions including:-

* What to choose when buying

* Whether to get a title insurance

* The options for borrowing money for buying international real estate

This is where we from foreign buyer listings come to your aid as international real estate investors. First kindly ask yourself:-

* How much space you would require and if you want to use the property or rent it

* Your budget

* Where you would like to live

We can provide both the finance as well as consultancy and also if required, help out via our lawyers. Being based in America, we can suggest you the best place to live as per your budget and intentions. Be aware of few things for starters:-

* Fixed rate mortgages are basically nonexistent out the states

* Age can be a factor borrowing money and amount of years available

* Additional costs may occur including stamp duty and other charges

We will do our best to both ease you in the U.S. in case you are buying a home as well as rental property and make the process the easiest it can get for a foreign buyer outside of America.