Hard Money Loan

A loan that is secured by property and usually provided by private lender. Most of the hard money loans are short term that might last for one year or less. Universal Commercial Capital is the top lender in the Southern CA for Hard Money Loans. 
Fund your loan in 7 days. Help you overcome any credit problem.
More flexible in underwriting guidelines than banks. Professional and make this process quick and easy. Better rate than many other hard money lender.

Hard Money

Commercial Mortgage Loans

With Universal Commercial Capital you will find a partner that has commercial loan resources to provide you with great rates, low fees and streamlined process. Our fast application and even faster funding, you’ll be amazed at how commerical loans can be made simple and easy for you. You’ll be working only with experts that will guide you the whole way to fund your loan fast.
Streamlined process and loan specialist that will stay with you until the end of the process.

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