Mortgage tips for first time home buyers in Oregon and Florida

January 8th, 2019


According to recent studies, the median home prices in Oregon rose to around $340,000 in December 2018 which was an increase of about 5% from the earlier year. Forecasters are predicting smaller gains during 2019 which can be applied to the entire nation in general as well.

While inventory remains learn, there is a rise in it which adds better balance. While not a buyer’s market as of yet, there is a change happening and it can rather beneficial for first-time home buyers in Oregon. The average rate for a 30 year fixed mortgage loan as dropped to around 4.70%, which has been the lowest it has been in recent times. Buyers in Oregon can:-

* Take advantage of today’s rather lower mortgage rates

* Establish a basic budget before house hunting

* Explore low-down-payment mortgage options

While that being the case, buyers still need to keep an eye on the home prices as they are still rising in most areas, even though analysts as well as the forecasters don’t expect any major rate hike soon. Postponing your purchases till later in 2020 can mean paying bigger price. Currently both the FHA and conventional loans do offer relatively low down payments to qualified borrowers. A lot of mortgage programs do allow home buyers to use gifted money from relatives as well. So even though you may not be able to come up with a large down payment on your purchase, you might not have thanks to the flexibility in loans. Aside from Washington U.S., Oregon has experienced some of the biggest home price rates since last few years but things have been changed considerably. To ensure your budget meets the monthly expenses including loan payments, simply subtract the amount of monthly expenses from your monthly home pay which will ensure that you will not be taking too much debt in the long run. Buying a home today in Oregon region, saves from your potential increases in the future and the financial help is some of the best available in years.

We as a finance provider can ensure that you meet your property requirements while not disturbing your routine lifestyle, giving your flexible options and terms suitable to your budget.


Real estate market of Florida is considered one of the top investment markets in U.S. and even though prices of properties have gone up considerable and are assumed to continue rising further, there are has been an increase noted of real estate investor buying properties in Florida. The market in Florida is considered seller’s market and thus the demand exceeds the supply of properties in this region even though there has noticeable natural calamities such as hurricane Irma.

Florida is great as the state offers opportunities in the rental property market with high return of investment ratio since the state is famous as a tourist destination because of its weather as well as the various attractions available for travelers. Florida also providers many types of job opportunities and the demand for traditional rentals has been recognized in recent years. Advantages include:-

* Rather affordable rental properties

* Development opportunities

* Vacation home is seen as a good investment

* Airbnb rentals are on the rise especially in Lake worth Florida

Estimated rental income is as high as $2000. You only need to make careful selection for the location in Florida.

Feel free to consult us for investment opportunities in not just Florida but in all states of America as we have experienced agents with keen eye for business opportunities as well as property locations suitable to your needs and budget.