Remodeled / renovated property investments

May 7th, 2019

Foreign real estate can be a very profitable long term venture and can generate passive income if done right with research and using good mortgage lender/real estate agent. A property that is bought at a low selling price and sold later at a higher price can be very profitable as opposed to buying a new home and selling the same during property appreciation. Remodeling or renovating an old property and selling it for higher profit margin provides high returns on investment. You should consider below-mentioned points while you make a turnkey investment:

Consider the long holding period – Holding off selling the property can be crucial provided you understand the market condition. Real estate market situation changes very often so instead of selling a renovated property for immediate profit can cause the possibility of getting bigger returns on your investment at a later stage. You will need to make sure that you are preparing to hold the property for as much length as you can afford to financially.

Invest in quality management – A foreign buyer investing in property abroad would want a real estate agent to manage that property. When choosing a property manager, you will need to consider the number of services you are getting. Mortgage lenders can also market your property and search for tenants as well. Simply make sure that the cost of the property manager doesn’t reduce your profit margins in return.

Pay attention to the various taxes – Your various expenses in a real estate investment includes property management fees, operating expenses, property taxes, and repairs or maintenance costs as well. A tax lawyer can help out in this case so would be your mortgage lender or real estate agents.

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