Small is Beautiful: The Revival of US Rural Areas

March 10th, 2021

Year of 2020 was no like other. It looks like the Covid-19 pandemic sent the crowded urban life style preferred by many bohemians and younger professionals in the past as new migration trends are identified by moving companies. BTW: Moving industry is the one sector to bloom during recession of the economy; ever since the world exists people are relocating when difficult times call for a change.

Paying $2,500 rent for one bedroom apartment with no balcony, washer or dryer plus having multiple neighbors in NYC doesn’t seem that attractive or affordable anymore and it comes as no surprise that rural areas are on demand recently. The “Smart work” style gave freedom to more people and now many are having the flexibility to work from home (as long as there is stable Internet connection). The recent statistics of moving companies show increased migration to the Mid-West states, Taxes, Florida, Arizona, Maine and New Hampshire. Why? Mainly because the living cost expense, crime and the density of the population rates are lower at these areas. Schools are smaller and teachers know their students by name plus there are plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities. If you are considering relocating, here is what you can expect from a place as New Hampshire.

New Hampshire is considered to be one of the top destinations where people are moving to in 2020. Located in New England, the “Live Free or Die” state is a preferred place for people who love the outdoors and strongly dislike paying taxes. Yes, there is no sale, state or local tax in New Hampshire, yet property taxes are higher. Residential properties class is mainly: single family residences with big yard.

The summers are hot and humid, but there are many lakes/ rivers around (both in NH and neighboring Vermont) and the beaches of Maine are in near proximity thus you can always find an easy getaway from the hot temperatures. When the leaves start changing their colors, the scenes are outstanding, but the fall season can be short; sometimes it can start snowing as early as the end of October. If you like skiing, snowboarding or snowmobiling, you will not be disappointed by the White Mountains. The US Olympic medalist Bode Miller comes from the North part of the state. Local adults and children enjoy healthy life style through fun winter activities as skiing, snowboarding, ice-skating, snowshoeing, ice-fishing and snowmobiling.

If you decide you need a city visit, you can choose between: NYC, Boston, Montreal, all of them are located in near proximity and are easily accessible by train or bus so you do not need to worry about parking in metropolitan areas. The train trip from Burlington, VT to NYC is one of the most scientific routes you can take in the USA.

If you can handle cold winters most likely you will fall in love with the freedom of the Northeast and going back to a high-density city will look insane.