Various opportunities for Indian investors in U.S. real estate property market

February 28th, 2019

Real estate investment at present time is not restricted by national boundaries. Observing the opportunities in the Indian real estate property market, many foreign investors and developers have shown interest in investing in India. While at the same time, many Indian developers and investors are exploring real estate property Investment opportunities abroad for potential profit gains.

As per a research:

* Buying international homes in U.S. has become much cheaper currently

* Residential properties in 4 out of the 5 most-preferred international markets have earned positive returns over the span of 5 years

* Almost 1 out of 4 resident Indians prefer to spend more than USD 1 million for a home overseas

* Around 64% of Indian buyers picked compact apartments of less than 1,500 sq ft as the most preferred property size

* Children’s education and use of the property as a second home are one of the primary reasons why resident Indians buy a property in the U.S.

* More than two-thirds of resident Indians prefer apartments followed by villas when considering overseas home property

There are multiple opportunities for Indian investors in U.S. real estate since they can invest for capital growth and good rental returns. Investments in U.S. and UK have appreciated from 20% to 50%, over the last 5 years. The rental returns are around 6 to 7% as compared to 2% in India. And there is another added advantage that some of the countries also offer residency and citizenship.

International markets are extremely regulated and there is very little risk of default or delayed projects. However the resident Indian investor has to be careful about foreign exchange fluctuations, high maintenance costs in case of the real estate property is not rented out and tax implications in case the property is rented out or sold. The opportunities are healthy capital growth, good rental returns and residency/citizenship, in case of investments in a few countries.

If you are interested in investing in U.S. real estate, consider contacting us and our experienced agents will cover you on all topics and make the process fast and easy from start to finalisation.